These 21 Significant Acts Of Kindness Have Restored Our Faith In Society

The world can be a difficult place, especially at the moment. Luckily, there have always been people who are here to make the world a better place. Keep reading if you’d like to have your faith in humanity restored.

Learn about a police officer who goes above and beyond the call of duty, a high school kid who did something lovely for his mom, and a construction worker who showed some kids the way of the road.

Jonas Salk Is The Real MVP

Jonas Salk chose not to patent his 1955 polio vaccine, making it more affordable for the millions of people who needed it.

Because of this decision, he missed out on over seven billion U.S. dollars. If only more scientists and makers of pharmaceuticals were like Jonas Salk.

Frogs Are People Too

Wildlife biologist Rich Mason invented this device to save little animals that were getting stuck and dying in his in-ground pool.

Everybody who has a pool should get one of these. Think of the frogs, people! Think of the frogs! Also the chipmunks. They deserve some love too.

This Wendy’s Employee Is A Really Good Guy

This Wendy’s employee used an outdoor table umbrella to walk an elderly customer to his car

Apparently, all Wendy’s employees are trained to walk customers to their cars if they need help. What a beautiful company policy. It almost makes me feel better about eating all of those double cheeseburgers.

Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman In Real Life Too

Gal Gadot stopped by the Inova Children’s Hospital in Annandale, Virginia in her Wonder Woman outfit.

Gal knows that children love seeing their favorite superheroes in the flesh. We love that she took time out of her busy schedule to brighten these kids’ day.

The Best Kind Of Neighbor

After bad storms, this retired old man goes around his neighborhood and cleans the debris out of yards and catch basins. When somebody asked him why, he said, “because I am retired and have the time to help.”

Everybody should be like this guy. Watch him. Learn from him.

Use What You Have

Four hours into a flight from Spain to NYC, a child suffered an asthma attack and his medicine was in a checked bag. Fortunately, a surgeon was on board and he MacGuyvered a nebulizer.

This is Dr. Khurshid Guru and he’s the Director of Robotic Surgery at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Good Guy Dad-In-Law

This guy shared a Facebook post from his girlfriend’s father. He saw that he commented on a “Things That Kids Today Don’t Understand” post, and feared the worst.

Turns out that his girlfriend’s dad is an awesome guy who defends millennials on the internet. Thanks for the vote of confidence, good sir.

Mexico Helps A Friend In Need

Never forget that Mexico sent troops and aid to help the U.S. after Hurricane Katrina.

There are Mexican firefighters in British Columbia right now saving lives and property. They always send help when we need it. Mexicans are awesome friends to have. Also, they have great beaches over there.

This Cop Goes Above And Beyond

This is Officer Tommy Norman of North Little Rock, AR. He comes to the same neighborhood after every shift with snacks and soda. He hangs out with the kids who live there for at least an hour.

Sometimes he brings a football and plays games. Once, in the summer, he brought them a slip ‘n slide and water guns.

Unsolicited Photo Retouch

A person posted this picture of their parents on Reddit. Shortly after, somebody sent them a retouched and color corrected version of the photo with the caption,

“Nobody here should have such a treasured photo of their parents that has its color faded. Here is your photo fixed up a bit. (I am a photo retoucher).” Thanks, kind stranger!

Let’s All Help Each Other Out

In 1939, men working in wheat factories realized that women were using wheat sacks to make clothes for their children.

The mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks so the kids would have pretty clothes. The labels would come off in the wash. Pure kindness.

A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

The person who received this letter has run a car wash for over thirty years. He found this in the mailbox the day after Christmas.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better compliment than this. I hope he enjoyed his Christmas! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Take A Minute To Honor Your Parents

This kid’s mom was pregnant with him eighteen years ago, so she missed out on going to her own prom.

Eighteen years later, her son decided to take her to his prom. I hope I look that good when I’m a mom (or when I’m 36).

Cards Against Humanity Is Actually In Favor Of Humanity

Cards Against Humanity gave these factory workers their first paid vacation. I love how such nice people can make such an offensive game.

I guess they have to be extra nice and charitable to make up for all of the awkward moments and shocking black cards.

Strangers Help Strangers Succeed

This stranger helped another stranger who was struggling with his tie. This small act of kindness made for a super moving photo and a fantastic display of human empathy.

Maybe this guy can teach me how to tie a tie too. I just leave mine done up and then I slip them over my head.

Strangers Help Strangers Part 2

This man saw that a little old lady was having trouble putting some vegetables in a bag, so he stopped and held her bag open for her. It’s a small act of kindness, but I bet that man made her day so much better.

People should stop and help out a stranger in need more often.

Every Condo Needs A Facebook Group

This is actually such a good idea. I wish my apartment building had a Facebook group. There were so many times that I needed a single egg or a cup of sugar.

I would definitely be into helping my neighbors out. I don’t know anybody who lives in my building.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This is a dog sleeping in a window display in Turkey. Store employees let him stay inside all night because it was cold outside.

How much is that doggy in the window? I want to buy him way more than I want to buy those yoga pants.

Getting The Kids Involved

These workmen are awesome. This man has sat down for a few minutes to explain construction and roadwork to a bunch of young boys.

I wonder if all construction workers have some extra kid-sized vests and hard hats in their trucks. Why do little boys like cement mixers so much?

Check Yes Or No

This is such a pure exchange. Emma just wants to play some basketball, but she wanted to make sure it was ok with the basketball hoop owner first.

This is the definition of being a good neighbor. I wish I got cute handwritten notes for my neighbors.

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