Kendall Jenner Hates Bananas and Jimmy Fallon can relate

All you need is one bad experience with anything for you to hate it forever. Whether that’s a song, place, or in Kendall Jenner’s position, a food!

Kendall Jenner made a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show and reflected over the foods they hated for very strange reasons.

Kendall Jenner dropped a big secret…

She does not like bananas!

Kendall Jenner told Jimmy Fallon, “My dad ate them all the time!”

“And my dad carpooled Kylie and I back and forth from school and would eat them in the morning, would eat them when he picked us up, and would golf all day and would have bananas on him. So I think the smell just over and over started to get to me.”

The smell of bananas gave her the biggest headache!

Jimmy Fallon even had his own story to tell about a food he strongly dislikes, and his story outclasses Kendall Jenner’s.

He says, “As a child, I got my head stuck in a fence and my grandmother rubbed mayonnaise all over my head to slip it out”


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