20 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes That I Can’t Believe Was Bought

#20 | $28 Million – Jennifer Lopez

This $28 million dollar house was purchased by Jennifer Lopez with the original price tag of $40 million. This Bel Air mansion is a whopping 14,000 sq ft and features 7 beautiful bedrooms with an astounding 13 bathrooms. On top of this megastructure of a layout, you can be sure that this house isn’t without an additional 10 fireplaces, a mini golf course and a home theater!

#19 | $29.75 Million – Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s house is a resort where you would expect the Queen of England herself to stay at. This phenomenal beachfront property is located on a 500 acre plot of land in Costa Rica and features a 2 mile private beach for him to relax on. Given that this is Costa Rica, you can expect being surrounded by a luscious jungle. This isn’t just a single house either. This plot of land contains 3 houses, with the main house hosting 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Where’s the AirBnB listing, Mel?

#18 | $35 Million – Gwen Stefani

If you had $35 million dollars, what kind of house could you buy? How about a castle of a house surrounded by a massive gate along with a quarter of the the US Coast Guard? Okay, maybe not the US Coast Guard but take a look at this 12,000 sq ft megahome. Now, Gwen knows how to have a little fun so this house features a beautiful tennis court, pool, and an outdoor kitchen. This makes for the perfect house to spend your beautiful summers.

#17 | $35 Million – Lori Loughlin

Whatever happened to Becky from Full House? Well, here she is living it up in her $35 million dollar mansion with her husband Mossimo Giannulli. This power couple made the smart move in 2015 at buying their house for $14 million. Thanks to some brilliant renovating and hard work, this Los Angeles mansion doubled it’s price to a whopping $35 million. Way to go! This 6 bedroom and 9 bathroom home even holds ceiling glass doors, a private spa, and a beautiful bar.

#16 | $38.5 Million – Celine Dion

This home doesn’t even look real! Celine Dion’s 10,000 sq foot home in Jupiter, FL looks like every kids dream. This mansion-styled waterpark comes complete with a lazy river and waterslides. On the inside, you can expect automated shoe carousels and clothing racks. Do you expect anything else from Celine Dion?!

#15 | $40 Million – P. Diddy

P. Diddy brings a bit of a twist by showcasing his European-styled home with a dash of luxury. This 8 bedroom/11 bathroom home in Westwood will make you feel like you’re visiting Hogwarts. This home comes complete with a 35 seat theater, an underwater tunnel that leads to a lagoon, and private spas throughout the house.

#14 | $40 Million – Dr. Dre

This 14,000 sq ft mansion may be owned by Dr. Dre but he wasn’t the one who designed it. The power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen brought it to life. They ended up parting ways and selling it to Dr. Dre before they ever moved in. This 5 bedroom home offers a stunning view of the ocean and even includes a moat! Does it come complete with alligators? Probably. This property also contains a personal chef’s kitchen and a poolside cabana. C’mon Dre, shoot us an invite!

#13 | $42 Million – Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

This 25,000 sq ft mansion is home to the Fresh Prince and his beautiful wife in the well-known Malibu, California. This property sits on an incredible 150 acres which means you’ll get lost trying to navigate such a house. This home contains a full-sized recording studio, meditation room, and a full-sized basketball court. This house was also built entirely by hand!

#12 | $45 Million – Ellen DeGeneres

If you are a fan of both the mountains and ocean, then Ellen’s Santa Barbara estate will be the perfect house for you. This 17 acre property has a 10,000 sq ft home that is known as “The Villa”. This house was built in the 1930’s and features 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Our favorite thing about this house is the outdoor pizza oven, the garden with fountains, and the 18th century Italian tile floors!

#11 | $45 Million – Demi Moore

Manhattan real estate is already incredbily tough to come by. Well how about a 7,000 sq foot penthouse?! This penthouse features the perfect view of Manhattan while hosting 6 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms. Think you can afford this? Maybe not anytime soon. The HOA fees alone are roughly $20K a month! But if you can, this is the perfect summer home to eat some cheese and sip on some wine on the 1,500 sq ft stone terrace that wraps around nearly all of the penthouse.

#10 | $50 Million – Sting

Sting happens to also own a prime piece of Manhattan real estate. Demi’s luxury penthouse may be 1,500 sq ft larger than Sting’s penthouse, but Sting’s 43 feet of Central Park front property holds no contest. This penthouse also sports a double spiraling staircase, a sauna in the master bedroom, and multiple spa bathrooms. I’m surprised he ever leaves his home!

#9 | $50 Million – Cindy Crawford

What can you get for $50 million in Malibu, CA? Well Cindy Crawford shows you the place! This mansion is located on 3 acres and showcases a 5,500 sq ft, 4 bedroom/5 and a half bathroom palace located right on the Pacific Ocean. This Hacienda-styled home was built in 1944 but was recently renovated by Crawford. She of course had to throw in a tennis court, along with a private path that leads right to the beach. Talk about luxury!

#8 | $52 Million – Howard Stern

What better place to put a $52 million dollar mansion than right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach, FL. Howard Stern bought this 12 bedroom mansion in 2013 and has made a number of renovations on the house since. Including a 1,000 sq ft closet for his wife! I’d imagine that’s not even enough room for her.

#7 | $54.5 Million – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, one of the richest elite athletes in the world. He decided to position his $54.5 million dollar mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida. This 10,000 sq ft home is located right on the ocean and includes multiple putting greens, bunkers, a basketball court, tennis court, and multiple swimming pools. Remember, we said this man is an elite athlete. But being athletic didn’t stop him from also putting an elevator with a glass door in his home. Inside also features a mega game room, wine cellar and a custom home theater.

#6 | $59 Million – Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise switched it up from the typical mansion locations. His 10,000 sq ft mega mansion is located on the outskirts of Telluride, CO and sits on a lush 300 acres of Colorado greenery. The beautiful living rooms hold a floor to ceiling glass pane so he never misses the incredible Colorado scenery. Inside also features a custom library and full-sized rec room. But if you think the inside is cool, what about the outside? Outside holds a private motocross track, private hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts.

#5 | $88 Million – Jay Z & Beyonce

What kind of house are you expecting from the biggest power couple in human history? Well if it’s anything less than this 30,000 sq ft, $88 million dollar mega mansion, think again. The original asking price was $135 million so $47 million is one hell of a discount. This property sits in the beautiful Bel Air area on a 2 acre plot of land. All together, this property has 6 separate buildings with the main house holding 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The other buildings include a strictly entertainment building, a 15 car garage, and an in-house spa. One more thing, the windows are all bullet proof and they also decided to build a helipad! Wowzers.

#4 | $88 Million – Oprah Winfrey

For anyone who dreamt of having a pony as a kid, well you’re only $88 million away from having your person equestrian facility! Oprah’s 42 acre Montecito estate has 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a wine cellar, indoor theater, outdoor theater, gourmet kitchen, a lake and a 2 acre avocado grove! What! Well that’s what you can do when you become one of the richest women in our society. Her lake even is self-sustaining so she’ll never run out. This mansion almost feels like a doomsday preppers wet dream.

#3 | $100 Million – George Lucas

George Lucas bout this famous Skywalker Ranch in 1974 and it is rumored that he dropped almost $100 million dollars just on renovations! Even though he has owned the property for 45 years, there is a long of mystery around the home. This house is invite only and any unauthorized photos are strictly forbidden. What’s going on? Ronald Reagan allegedly attempted to visit this property when he was president and was turned down. Exclusivity makes this property extremely attractive. What we do know is that this home features a 300 seat theater, a two story library, and its own fire station!

#2 | $100 Million – George Clooney

George Clooney’s $100 million dollar mansion is located internationally in Lagio, Italy. This house was constructed in the 18th century so it still holds a lot of the cultural look. It has been renovated to look like a modern home on the inside while still retaining the historical architectural beauty. Located on the coast of Lake Como, this home has beautifully custom carved ceilings and floors in addition to a full gym, spa, and pizza room! It’s Italy, there’s got to be a pizza room if you’re dropping $100 million on a house.

#1 | $125 Million – Bill Gates

The man, the myth, the legend, Bill Gates. This isn’t the man’s first time being number 1 on a list, given that he’s been the world’s richest man around 17 times! Well his $125 million mansion brings him to the top of this list. His home is named Xanadu 2.0, sitting right on the lake and holding 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, and full locker room. This is no surprise considering this house is a total of 66,000 sq ft. As the former CEO of Microsoft, you’d expect the home to have some technological innovations. Custom AI and doors that open themselves? Probably not, but expect to carry a microchip if you are a guest in this home. These track your location and pressure sensitive floors will alert security to everyone’s location. What do you expect? Bill Gates basically has his own city.

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